Friday, September 19, 2014

New Collection By Pernille Folcarelli

Last year I discovered the beautiful work of Danish artist Pernille Folcarelli and blogged about her. Now I am happy to show you the new 2014 collection of botanical art by Pernille Folcarelli. Her work is beautiful and captivating by immortalizing nature and making it a long lasting piece of art for your home.

Her collection comprises posters, postcards and unique hand prints from her own workshop. The basis of her work is the nordic nature and its beautiful shapes and colours. Mostly you will find prints of leaves, twigs, feathers in her new collection. I like how her posters bring an instant nordic vibe into a room and they do their magic either as solo art pieces or grouped together as a gallery wall.

If you like the nordic style, if you like inspiration drawn from nature, then the new 2014 collection by Pernille Folcarelli will be right up your alley.

P.S. If you follow me on Instagram you might have noticed that I am currently in Barcelona. I will be back on Tuesday and see you here on the blog again. In the meantime, join me in Barcelona via Instagram!

Happy weekend!

Photography by Pernille Folcarelli

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Plant Of The Month: Calathea

Last month I introduced my new bilingual mini series called 'Plant of the Month' in collaboration with After the succulent Echeveria I am presenting the September's plant to you - the wild beauty Calathea. This beautiful, lush plant stems from the Amazonas jungle and comes in a fascinating array of leaves - their remarkable patterns make the Calathea very decorative. But this wonderful house plant is not only a great decorative element for your home: this wild jungle beauty is beneficial for a healthy living environment - it is a natural air purifier and reduces stress levels. These facts make the Calathea the perfect green cohabitant.

I particularly admire the beneficial effects of the Calathea for the home and its dwellers. It is one of the most important facts why I love house plants. Yes, they are very trendy at the moment, yes, most of them look very decorative. But above all plants are healthy for us. They make our home not only beautiful but healthier by purifying the air we breathe, regulating the level of humidity and lowering our stress level. No wonder that on weekend all I want is to relax next to my house plants and read a book - this has a soothing and calming effect on me after a busy week.

The Calathea loves a warm and humid environment in semi-shaded interiors. Keep the soil of your Calathea humid without dammed-up water, clean the leaves regularly from the dust and - if it's too dry - sprinkle the leaves with water from time to time. The Calathea will thank you with big and vibrant leaves with purifying abilities. Another specialty of this plant: during night its leaves are rolling up for rest while at daylight they unfold themselves to their full glorious beauty.

Letzten Monat habe ich eine neue monatliche Mini-Serie in Zusammenarbeit mit ins Leben gerufen: 'Pflanze des Monats'. Im August haben wir uns der tollen Echeverie gewidmet und in diesem Monat steht alles im Zeichen der wilden Schönheit der Calathea. Die ursprünglich aus dem Amazonas stammende Pflanze hat auffällig gezeichnete und gemusterte Blätter in verschiedenen Farbtönen. Die Calathea ist aber nicht nur dekorativ als Zimmerpflanze - sie besticht vor allem durch gesundheitsfördernde Faktoren: Sie ist ein aktiver Lufterfrischer und reduziert nachweislich Stress. Somit ist sie der perfekte grüne Mitbewohner für die eignen vier Wände.

Gerade diese Faktoren für ein gesundes Wohnklima begeistern mich bei der Calathea. Ja, Zimmerpflanzen sind gerade wieder absolut im Trend und ja, Zimmerpflanzen sehen sehr dekorativ aus. Aber vor allem sind Zimmerpflanzen gut für unsere Gesundheit und unser Wohnklima. Sie reinigen die Luft, regulieren die Feuchtigkeit and verringern unser Stresslevel. Gerade am Wochenende liebe ich es mich mit einem Buch an der Seite meiner Zimmerpflanzen zu entspannen - das hat eine unglaublich beruhigende Wirkung auf mich, besonders nach einer stressigen Arbeitswoche.

Die Calathea ist eine recht unkomplizierte Zimmerpflanze. Sie liebt es feuchtwarm und halbschattig. Sie mag stets feuchte Erde ohne Staunässe und die großen Blätter sollten immerzu mit einem feuchten Tuch vom Staub befreit werden. Falls es in den eigenen vier Wänden zu trocken ist (gerade im Winter), genügt es die Blätter der Calathea von Zeit zu Zeit mit Wasser zu besprühen. Die schöne Calathea hält aber auch noch eine weitere Überraschung parat: Am Tag erstrahlen die Blätter der Calathea in voller Pracht, während sie sich am Abend knisternd zusammenrollen für die Nachtruhe. 

Photography by Igor Josifovic, image of leaves via
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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Happy Interior Blog Recommends: Blog Boss

Today's blog recommendation is a very special one. It is not a new product to decorate or furnish your home, but it is something to boost your blog and blogging skills (if you are a blogger of course). It's now almost three years ago that I embarked on the journey of blogging on Happy Interior Blog. It was not without any thoughts and hesitation that I started my blog. I raised many questions to myself: Will I have the time to do it with a full time job? Will I have anything interesting to tell? How will I be able to stand out of the existing blog crowd? How will I create content on an ongoing basis? How will I motivate myself all the time? Many questions, many thoughts!

It was then that I decided to attend an e-course called 'Blogging Your Way' by one of the leading decor bloggers worldwide, Holly Becker of decor8. This online course has really made me realize that a real blogger lies within me, that there are tangible tips and tricks how to answer all those raised questions and how to make your way in the bloggersphere. I was motivated and I felt ready to kick off. The result is this very blog that you are reading right now. A blog that brings joy and happiness to me every day. And I hope that a bit of this happiness shines through to each and every of my readers.

Now if you are a blogger and you want to boost your blogging skills, I want to recommend the new advanced course by Holly Becker called 'Blog Boss'. Lessons on marketing, writing, monetizing or work-life-balance are part of the course's curriculum. The e-course will start on October 10th and lasts for one month. You can read more about it and register HERE.

I really recommend you do this course if you feel like you want to take your blog to the next level. In this sense: Happy hump day and happy blogging!

Photography via decor8

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Why This Room Caught My Eye

Styling a bedroom can be very fun. Some like it very calm and serene, others like it more eclectic and vibrant. I think I tend to be somewhere in between with an ongoing desire to switch from one end to the other. In my bedroom I decided to paint the pitched roof wall behind my bed in a very dark grey to create a cosy sleeping nook as my apartment tends to be very bright and light-flooded. The above shown bedroom might have the same issue. But no matter what the reason was, I think the dark blue wall behind the bed is just fabulous! But let's break it down into three major eye-catchers:
  • Blue Feature Wall: As said, I am in love with this dark blue feature wall. I might opt for such a hue when I get tired of my grey wall in my bedroom.
  • House Plants: Decorating with house plants in the bedroom is another visual highlight here. In fact, house plants are beneficial in the bedroom as they purify the air and release more oxygen for a relaxed sleep.
  • Vintage Portrait: The vintage portrait above the bed adds some more drama and perfectly works with the dark blue hue. Combined with the vintage books this looks like a wonderful bedroom nook to relax, unwind and sleep in.
What bedroom type are you? Clean and serene or eclectic and colourful?

Photography via Apartment Therapy

Monday, September 15, 2014

From Place To Space: Totokaelo In Seattle

As an avid traveler I have lots of things on my itineraries when visiting new countries and cities. One of the must-visits are local design shops with inspiring and unique home accessories and design pieces. During my last trip to Seattle one of those design stores on my itinerary was 'Totokaelo'. This cool store with its peculiar name holds a fantastic range of special and unique homewares and an extended range of fashion. 

Japanese textiles, locally made ceramics, vintage rugs, design books - the range of products is very inspiring and makes it very difficult to leave the store empty-handed. If you like to pair your interior decor shopping with some fashion shopping, you just have to enter the rear part or the basement of the store - various design labels and cool pieces will satisfy your fashion loving heart too.

Even though I was in a bit of a rush while visiting 'Totokaelo' (I was on my way to Mount Rainier), I couldn't help but snap a few pictures for you my dear readers. And if you ever happen to visit the fantastic emerald city of Seattle, don't miss a stop over at 'Totokaelo' - you will not regret it!

Totokaelo, 1523 10th Avenue, Seattle

Photography by Igor Josifovic

Friday, September 12, 2014

New Interior Book + Giveaway

My friend and fellow blogger Stefanie Luxat comes with many talents. As a journalist, as an interior stylist, as a wedding expert and businesswoman. Yes, I think she's quite a woman. So it was just a question of time when she'll publish an interior book (after her successful wedding book) and - drumroll - here it is! The German title reads 'Wie eine Wohnung ein Zuhause wird', literally translated as 'How an Apartment turns into a Home'. So let's have a little peek into the book of homes.

What I like about interiors is the story of its owners. I try to 'read' the interiors and imagine the dwellers, their character and lifestyle. Stefanie's book tells this stories by portraying the home owners and introducing us to their abodes. 

In her new book she not only presents inspiring interiors and personalities, she also shares decoration and styling tips for your home, shopping addresses for home accessories and DIY ideas. As a book focusing on the visual aesthetic of interiors, it is dominated by beautiful, full page photographies. Oh and last but not least: I like the book because it is a slice of real life. Admittedly, beautiful and stylish real life, but real. Not overly decorated and styled. Just as beautiful as life gets in our everyday adventures.

If you read/understand German, get a copy of 'Wie eine Wohnung ein Zuhause wird', published by Callwey, HERE. And no matter what language you understand, if you like to win one copy of this interior book just leave a comment under this blogpost and tell me what makes your apartment a real home? Join in - the giveaway is open for a week and the winner will be chosen randomly.

Happy reading & good luck!

Photography by Brita Sönnichsen via Callwey

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Interior Design Algebra: Pattern + Colour + Plant

Algebra is not as boring as it seems. It just depends on what kind of arithmetic items you choose. In my case I like to add, substract, multiply or divide with interior design and decoration elements. Today's equation is a very simple yet effective one: Add one unit of patterns to a nice unit of colour and add another item from the plant section and the result will be visual splendor. 

As simple as it gets, right? What is your personal interior design and decoration formula?

Photography via The Citizenry
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