Friday, November 21, 2014

Giveaway: Win Art For Your Walls By Ixxi

Have you heard of ixxi? If you love art on your walls this is the way to go! Ixxi is the perfect solution for wall art in rented spaces or if you do not want to harass your walls with a hammer, nails or a drilling machine - because the ixxi art is simply attached and detached without trace once you want to change your wall decor! I have teamed up with ixxi and I am working on three German home stories for their blog (you can see the first home story HERE).

Ixxi offers a wide range of possibilities - you can customize your favorite image into an ixxi art piece or choose from their huge image bank. Your chosen image will be divided into square images on a high quality synthetic paper which is waterproof and UV resistant. You will receive your ixxi in a small box within three days and you can then start playing - you can connect the square parts with the included connecting crosses and then easily fix your finished ixxi art piece with the delivered hanging strip. And once you are over and done with it, you can detach the ixxi without traces.

For the upcoming advent season I am happy to give away three winter/advent themed ixxis to three readers. We are giving away the following ixxi art pieces: The colourful advent calendar by Hannes Beer, the blue and white advent calendar by Geertje Aalders and the winter landscape by Avercamp, a favorite art piece from the Dutch Rijksmuseum. 

How can you join in? Simply leave a comment under this blog post telling me which of those three ixxis you'd like to win. The giveaway is open internationally and all comments posted until November 26th, 2014, will be in the draw. We'll make sure you get your ixxi beginning December. So what you're waiting for? Tell me which one you'd like!

Happy week, friends!

Photography via ixxi
This post has been brought to you in collaboration with ixxi

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Everyday Amazing: Esprit Home In 2015

A few weeks ago I received one of the coolest press preview invitations (see it HERE) - it was so amazing that I was totally intrigued. And it read: Everyday Amazing! But what was it all about? Esprit Home invited the press to a special press preview in Hamburg and even though I couldn't make it up to the north of Germany due to other projects, I wanted to know more and share it with you. 

I have blogged about various Esprit Home collections here on Happy Interior Blog and their campaigns were inspired by urban surroundings and were named after a world metropolis. But in 2015 the strategy is changing: Esprit Home's new collections celebrates the return to nature and the essentials in life. It focuses on our desire to escape the urban bustle and reboot ourselves with all our senses. 
Spring: Lakeside

Summer: Coastline

Autumn: Desert

Winter: Woods
Esprit Home will launch four seasonal collections in 2015: Spring will be entitled 'Lakeside' and features greens and turquoise hues with floral prints. Summer is called 'Coastline' with diamond shaped patterns and stripes in blue and purple hues referring to the ocean. Autumn is named 'Desert' and boasts fiery reds and graphical and African inspired patterns as well as strong black and white contrasts. Last but not least, winter is simply baptized 'Woods' and showcases frost patterns and cosy grey hues.

I don't know if it's because of the current season or maybe because I have grown a bit older, but my favorite is the winter collection with its calmer and subtle design. I can't handle too much pattern I assume:-)

Happy Thursday, friends!

Photography via Esprit Home

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Happy Interior Blog Recommends...

Wednesday is hump day is half way to weekend is a day to treat yourself - this is the sort of weird sequence of thoughts I have on hump days. You know, little treats motivate you to tackle the remaining half of the working week and then indulge in a relaxing weekend. Now I admit, some might say, ok, get yourself some chocolates, buy yourself a jumper, a pair of new shoes or a a nice book. But hey, I am who I am and I love to buy things for the home. And this week's recommendations could all go right into my virtual basket. Is there a treat for you too? Today we've got fresh on offer the following goodies:

1. Hand made porcelain vessels by British designer Rhian Malin via Cavaliero Finn
2. Surprise (design) gift box for yourself or a beloved person (perfect in time for 
    Christmas) by Not Another Bill
3. Roxy arm chair with ethnic pattern via Onefortythree
4. Undercover blanket via Starling Store
5. Crescent cup/planter via Nasty Gal
6. Cactus tote bag via Leif Shop

Now hump day looks all better, right? Have a happy one!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Why This Room Caught My Eye

Sometimes the weather does shape our perception and forms our taste. Every season inherits this power. And autumn does has this immanent power too. My commuting between Munich and Paris has recently been padded in fog, leaden skies, low hanging clouds. And that outer staging frames my inner mood - even when it comes to interior design and styling. Saturated hues, deep greens evoking dew laden forests, grey hues bringing the calmness of crisp foggy days inside, balmy ambers, rusty hues and purples reflecting the fallen leaves - these autumnal feelings seem to be captured in today's room that caught my eye. But it's not only the colour scheme that made me linger on it:
  • Vintage Portrait: Vintage paintings are a sort of 'coup de coeur' of interior stylists recently. Whether it's vintage landscape paintings or vintage portraits - those decorative pieces add a good deal of character to a room.
  • Grey Sofa: This grey sofa looks like the perfect counterpart to the grey weather outside - just much comfier and nicer. Ready to snuggle and watch the grey weather outside through the window seated on such a sofa - perfect autumn idleness!
  • Layered Home Textiles: Cold weather calls for layers and layers of home textiles. Now it's time to pile up your cushions and throws. Make it as comfortable and warm as possible for the maximum cocooning treatment at home!
How about you, does this room catch your eye too?

Photography by Nicole Franzen, styling by Kate Jordan

Monday, November 17, 2014

From Place To Space: Café Uzitak In Belgrade, Serbia

Serbia's capital Belgrade is very vibrant. The city's young and creative crowd is shaping the city's face from day to day and there is hardly any other European city transforming and reinterpreting itself at such a speedy pace. One of the city's latest additions is the cute and super welcoming café named 'Uzitak' (the 'z' has to be pronounced like a French 'j') which means something like 'pleasure'. 

The café is located in downtown Belgrade not far away from the central Terazije square and the bohemian Skadarlija quarter. The pretty happy interior design was created by Belgrade based architect Aleksandar Spasojevic and reflects the welcoming and relaxed concept behind the café. The owner Dragutin Hadzi-Boškovic wanted to create a relaxed place for people who appreciate good coffee from the best plantations, organic food and no-highstreet brands. 

The interior design of 'Uzitak' is a real pleasure for the eye. The colour palette focuses on red, yellow and black combined with wood set against a white background. The walls on one side of the café are large chalkboards featuring the offers and highlighting the strong logo - a hashtag and the word 'Uzitak' written in Serbian Cyrillic letters. One more detail worth noticing is the urban jungle vibe with potted plants throughout the café - I think I know where I'll have my next coffee when in Belgrade!

The café features also a small outdoor seating area with the cheerful signature colours and wooden furniture. Whether you prefer an alfresco atmosphere or a cosy corner inside the café - one thing is for sure: it will be pure pleasure or as we say in Serbian: Uzitak!

Photography by Nemanja Zdravkovic

Friday, November 14, 2014

Fun, Creative, Visual: Mapology Guides

How often have we found ourselves pondering: Right decision? Wrong decision? And I don't mean only while navigating through a new city or hood. Buying a present - this or that? Getting a pet - yes or no? In our everyday lives we are constantly confronted with decision - bigger and smaller ones. How we tackle life's little dilemmas says much about us - some discuss it with friends, others draw straws, again others get numb and take no decision at all. But now there's a cure for us curious and creative ones: Mapology Guides will help us find a good decision!

Mapology Guides is mutual project between my friend and fellow blogger Tina Bernstein and designer Mike Abrahams. Their mission is to help people explore every day questions and as a result make better choices and decisions in their lives. They encourage bite-size, visual learning and self-governing personal growth.

The idea of a map serves here is a familiar concept in decision making. The 'traveller' can decide where they want to get and begin the journey along a route and at a pace to suit. So who said maps are only for geography? Take a look at the first three fun and super creative Mapology Guides!

Be Present Perfect
Just in time for the festive season, this map helps people to get the right gifts for everyone, every time. 

What's Bugging You?
This map provides help to find ways to address the things that bug us in our everyday life - take the right decision and move on!

Would Like To Meet...
This fun map is matchmaking pets and people. How do we know which pet is right for us? Let yourself be guided by this fun map and you'll get to a wise decision!

All maps are curated and art directed, led by Tina and Mike. They team up on each map with a different writer and illustrator utilizing language and imagery to distill a complex subject in a fun, humorous, visual and educational way. The current range of Mapology Guides includes the above mentioned three maps, posters and postcards. Get yours here!

Happy weekend, friends!

Photography by Lina Skukauske

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Art Crush: Urban Jungle Vibe For Your Walls

Will it come as a sort of revelation if I say I love plants? Ha, I can see you all rolling your eyes! As the founder of Urban Jungle Bloggers it comes as no surprise that anything plant related catches my attention - even art! Well, this seems to be the solution for those among you who are too reluctant when it comes to plants - maybe you want to add that urban jungle vibe onto your wall instead? I promise: No watering, no caring necessary! And it won't die away!

This wonderful art print with banana leaves is the work of Hungarian artist Ildiko Olah for her label Oldi Art. Her work is inspired by naturalism and the beauty surrounding us as well as by her two kids with a dash of playfulness in her works. I really like her animal drawings and the plant inspired works such as the shown banana leaves and another piece showing a cactus. Make sure you check out her portfolio here.

And if you like what you see, you might want to hop over to the Facebook page of Oldi Art and join her giveaway - if you are lucky enough you will win one of her art pieces. Now I have to leave you. I have to water my real plants and afterwards I'll relax on my bed with a book and enjoy the sight of the calming banana leaves. And if I fall asleep, I might wake up in a tropical resort. Who knows. It's the magic of art!

Photography by Igor Josifovic
This post has been brought to you in cooperation with Oldi Art
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