Friday, April 18, 2014

Spring Styling, Press Coverage + Happy Easter!

The long awaited and well deserved Easter holidays are commencing - I have packed my suitcase, bought chocolate bunnies for my nieces and nephews, and I am ready to head off to Austria for a family Easter weekend. But before I am off to Austria I though I'll share a few shots of my recent spring styling at home - well, styling is a bit exaggerated. I have just brought home a blossoming branch and my entire apartment was smelling divine thanks to those delicate white flowers. You gotta love spring!

Moreover, I am honored to be chosen as 'Blog of the Month' in the May issue of the German interior design magazine 'Wohnidee' with a little interview. What a nice pre-birthday present! 

But now I am wishing you happy Easter (if you celebrate Easter) or else a happy weekend! I will be back on Tuesday with more interior delight!

Photography by Igor Josifovic, tear sheet from Wohnidee

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Book Review: The New Book Of 'So Leb Ich'

'So leb ich' is a wonderful statement. It is resolute, sound and individual. It literally means 'That's how I live'. But 'So leb ich' is not only the title of the new book, it is actually the name of a very successful German interiors community. In fact it is the largest interiors community in the German speaking parts of Europe. Founded back in 2007 by interior designer Nicole Maalouf this community has attracted thousands of interior fans to share pictures of their homes and inspire each other. And right now the second book of the community has been launched with the full title: 'Das neue SoLebIch-Buch für ein schönes Zuhause' (the new SoLebIch-book for a beautiful home). And it is packed with beautiful inspiration.

Over 190 pages burst with 245 photographies of numerous homes beautifully styled and decorated by its dwellers. The book's charm lies in the magic of such interior communities - they showcase authentic homes, styled, decorated and photographed by mere mortals - no glossy finishings, no sophisticated dashes of this and that, no big photo editing. 

The book is structured into rooms - the reader is being welcomed through the hallway, passes the kitchen, the dining room, the living room, enters the home office, the bedroom and finally the nursery.  Each chapter is opened by an enticing illustrations by Larissa Bertonasco. Moreover, every picture is described, the participating community members are being quoted throughout the book and the content is enriched with additional trend descriptions, design classics information and DIY tips - including hints that more background information is available online on

I've been going through the book over and over again and I really must admit that I love it. I adore the authenticity and personality of every photograph, I love the book's layout, its touch and feel. On one hand, it is informative and helpful, on the other hand it is as inspiring and beautiful as a coffee table book. If you are an interior design aficionado like me, you will love this book equally - no matter whether you understand German or not. You can buy a copy HERE.

Have an inspiring Thursday, my dear friends!

Photography by Igor Josifovic

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Happy Interior Blog Recommends...

My current interior design cravings encompass blue, grey and natural hues, weathered surfaces, wood and leather, round and organic shapes, ombré shades on hometextiles. Add my beloved houseplants to that mix and I am all happy and content. Now, the homeware section of French Connection UK seems to be catering to my cravings in a freakily perfect way! Going through their website was an ongoing 'oh' and 'ah' kind of experience.

Everything on my little product boards could go directly into my home. Of course I would have to get rid of half of my current things to fit in the new goodies - but no worries, I am not all that crazy. But I could definitely see one or two things move in with me. 

What do you think of the homeware range by French Connection UK? Is it your style or not? What could move into your home?

Photography by French Connection UK

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Why This Room Caught My Eye

Imagine this: Gathering in the kitchen with your family and friends around a big table, serving homemade food, chatting and laughing along. Real happiness seems to include very often the people you love (of course) and good food. And I totally agree with that. Well ok, I would add that a beautiful kitchen and dining area will enhance that happiness of course as I take quite some pleasure in well designed interiors. This kitchen and dining are are a great example of a happy space. Warmth and cosiness with wood and colours evoke an inviting ambiance for happy gatherings. But let me put it in three bullet points:
  • Blue Industrial Pendants: These large industrial pendants in a dusky blue hue are a visual highlight for me. Paired together they really have visual impact and tie together the colour scheme of the entire kitchen design.
  • Mix & Match Chairs: The playfulness of a mix & match approach when it comes to chairs is a winning factor. Various designs and colours mixed together result in a vibrant and interesting effect. 
  • Wood: Hardly any other material has so much warmth and character like wood does. This kitchen is defined by wooden structures and surfaces - from the ceiling over the kitchen fronts to the furniture - definitely a kitchen I would like to cook and dine with family and friends.
Would this kitchen and dining area catch your eye too?

Photography via 101 Woonideeën

Monday, April 14, 2014

From Place To Space: Walnuts Farm, England

Last Monday I shared a little preview of my rural escape to East Sussex in England. Today I want to give more details and above all more pictures of my countryside experience on Walnuts Farm. Now, as an urban dweller it seems to be very favorable to plan a little rural getaway every now and then. You learn to appreciated the serenity of the countryside, the rich green fields and the forests. You wander through gardens and get some face-to-face interaction with animals. All this I experienced two weeks ago on the Walnuts Farm in Stonegate, East Sussex.

Our one-day getaway was entitled 'Farm Bloggers' and our mutual ambition was to spend a day styling and photo shooting on the countryside. We were ten lifestyle bloggers: Emily (who kindly organized the day), Yvonne, Kat, Lottie, Catherine, Heather, Geraldine, Tina, Bridgee and me. 

Our day began with a very early departure from London. Meeting Geraldine in her happy yellow dress and two picnic baskets full with yummy food and props at 7 am at London's King's Cross station was such a fun moment - barely awake we already started our day chatting and giggling along. The train ride took us through the picturesque English countryside towards southeast. One and a half hours later we arrived at a tiny little station where people were smiling and greeting each other with 'good morning' - welcome to Stonegate! 

A very energetic and smiling Yvonne was waiting for us with her car and after a few detours we eventually arrived at Walnuts Farm where the others were waiting for us. Naturally, our first action was to ask for a wifi code and set up our connection to the outer world also known as our realm where we usually reside. A fresh pot of coffee was brewed and we gathered for a little get-together and kick-off of an inspiring blogger day. Moreover, we had the opportunity to peek into Yvonne's brand new cooking & interiors book 'Yvestown in de Keuken' - what a beautiful book. I definitely need to get hold of the English copy. 

The sun peeked through some passing clouds and the turkey was prancing proudly while the geese cackled along peculiarly. The first veggies sprouted in the garden and before I even grasped all of this it was time for a mutual lunch under the English sun. Homemade food was served and colorful tableware set to be photographed and enjoyed. Rose lemonade, couscous salad and a wonderful sour bread wreath from Kat were just a few of the delicious treats served that day.

Later on I set off to discover the interior of Walnuts Farm with its rooms full of character and memorabilia. Details were abounds and yet it was so hard for me to imagine that people actually live there - probably I've been living for too long in a small city center apartment! Of course I couldn't help but practice my Urban Jungle Bloggers skills by repotting a beautiful succulent - an urban jungle blogger gone rural jungle blogger. 

The day on Walnuts Farm was a great and unique experience for me. I was happy to spend the day with wonderful people devoted to the beautiful aspects of life and I was happy enough to team up with my friend Bridgee to bring back this great set of photography.

I hope you enjoyed this little getaway to the English countryside. And now I am wishing you a great Monday and a successful and happy new week!

Photography by Bridgee Melling and Igor Josifovic

Friday, April 11, 2014

Telling Visual Stories With A New App: Steller

Most lifestyle blogs have one thing in common - they predominately tell visual stories. Pictures are an important way to communicate and transmit emotions quicker and easier than words. Now if you add short video clips to this and a few chosen words, what you get is a little visual story that manages to take you away in an instant. If you imagine all this on your smartphone, you get the visual story on-the-go, wherever, whenever! This is where the brand new Steller app comes into action - now it is as easy as a few clicks on your smartphone to tell your visual story.

I've joined Steller recently and uploaded a few first stories. I like how easy it is to come up with a visual story when you go through your pictures and videos on your phone. This can be anything shot in your home, favorite places, cooking, your travels etc. You can group your stories into collections and use known social interactions: you can follow others and be followed, you can like stories, share any found story with your followers and share your own or other stories on various social media accounts.

What is inherent to most of the published stories so far is a high quality of images and a compact length - the majority of stories is told in seven to ten images. When setting up a story, Steller offers you various templates to lay over your images - you can add headlines, short paragraphs, you can crop pics and more.

If you love to snap along nice pictures and if you are a visual storyteller, I strongly recommend you join this fab new app and get inspired and inspire others with your stories. You will find Steller in the app store on your smartphone. I am waiting for you - in Steller! 

Photography by Igor Josifovic

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Broste Copenhagen Spring/Summer 2014

It is an open secret that I am a big fan of the Danish home accessories brand Broste Copenhagen. Ever since I attended a magic dinner with the brand in the home of their stylist Nathalie Schwer (remember the blog post HERE), I fell in love with this Nordic brand. Behind this wonderful brand is an even more wonderful team of people whom I deeply respect and admire. But above all I love their designs and products as they perfectly represent my idea of a Nordic touch for the home.

Traditionally, the new spring/summer 2014 collection of Broste Copenhagen brings a bit more colour into the home. And yet another reason to love them - they are focused around my favorite hues being blue and yellow. While I'm typing these words I am actually sitting betwixt (sorry, but I really, really wanted to use this word at least once in my blogging) four Broste Copenhagen cushion and yes, they are all blue and yellow!

But apart from the design, what do I really love about Broste Copenhagen? I love that their home accessories are mostly unpretentious, they are not visually 'loud' or flashy, they have beautiful details and a great touch and feel. Remember all the fantastic Broste products I added to my home last winter - see it HERE.

Now if you feel you need a Nordic touch in your home, I strongly recommend to have a closer look at the website of Broste Copenhagen and start redecorating your home. I know for sure I have to redecorate my home a bit now - cause I will have an exciting photo shoot in my apartment this weekend. Stay tuned!

Photography by Line T. Klein, Styling by Nathalie Schwer, via Broste Copenhagen
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