Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Why This Room Caught My Eye

If I had to nail down one colour I love most, it would be blue. In all its shades. I don't know why, but it always makes me happy and definitely catches my eye. Like in this case - this summer house kitchen colour coded in a soft, summery blue is a sheer pleasure for my interior loving eye. The kitchen fronts, the splashback, the details - it all recalls warm summer days spent on the coast, a fresh sea breeze and loads of good and healthy food. But I digress. What caught my eye in detail? Here's the breakdown:
  • Blue Colour Coding: First and foremost, as mentioned, the blue colour coding in this kitchen is a real and instant eye-catcher. Using decorative and practical kitchen details in the same hue ties the entire setting together.
  • Wooden Details: Natural, raw wooden accessories perfectly blend with blue. Be it kitchen accessories like wooden cutting boards or wooden jars or bigger elements like a wooden worktop - the combination rocks!
  • Painted Kitchen Fronts: I can't tell for sure, but the kitchen fronts look almost like painted by their owner. And that's a great option for everyone who wants a fresh kitchen look without blowing the budget. A DIY to consider!
Does this kitchen catch your eye too?

Photography via Femina

Monday, July 21, 2014

From Place To Space: Paris Love Facts On Instagram

If you happen to call two places your home, there is one inevitable tough side-effect: you keep on going back and forth and that takes up quite some time (and budget). With my two homes in Munich and Paris it's exactly that way - I keep on bouncing between these two cities and sometimes I do get back very late. This said, I had to improvise for today's blog post. And I had an idea: I wanted to point you to my little ongoing Paris travel guide on Instagram. Get ready for your next Paris trip with my #happyparislovefacts on Instagram!

This weekend was a very successful one speaking of travel tips on my Instagram Paris guide. The weather was tropical (read: it was too hot for my tastes) and I spent most of the day and evening out and about in the City of Lights. I've discovered a fantastic new interiors and decor shop (more to come on the blog soon), great cafés, restaurants, pastries, sights. All of these can be find under the hashtag #happyparislovefacts on Instagram with the geotag so that you can find the place during your own Paris trip if you wish to. 

Today I am sharing even a few shots more - so you are getting an exclusive sneak peek of some of the upcoming Instagram shots for my #happyparislovefacts series. So, are you ready for Paris?

Photography by Igor Josifovic with iPhone 5S on Instagram

Friday, July 18, 2014

Young German Design + Giveaway: Kimidori

This week was pretty exciting blog wise - on Monday I took you to Portugal, on Tuesday I shared a fab room in the USA, on Wednesday I shared a design brand from Israel with you and yesterday we took a little trip to Denmark and one of their cool interior brands. And today? Well today I'll go a bit local if you want so - let's see what the design scene in Germany has to offer. And I am happy that I not only have a creative young design label to share with you, but a giveaway too!

Germany and the Germans are known to be very environmentally conscious so it comes as no surprise that sustainable design ideas thrive in Germany. One of these young creative labels is Berlin based Kimidori. You are absolutely right if you feel like that sounds more Japanese than German - the name is Japanese indeed and means something like 'green vitality' (ki = vitality, midori = green). And Kimidori is all about sustainable design: they stand for cool and urban upcycled furniture pieces made of palettes. 

Kimidori is all about handcrafted, upcycled furniture for the urban home. It is a design philosophy that resonates with today's hipster crowds that refuse to consume for the sake of consumption and ignore the effects for our planet. It's a philosophy that goes hand in hand with a pursuit for a better life and an environmentally friendly lifestyle. 

The Kimidori team has designed a great range of coffee tables, chairs, stools, lighting and storage solutions - all made of reclaimed palettes. One of their latest pieces is the 45° stool or side table. This piece stands out with its simplicity, the reference to nature and comes in four colours (nature, white, grey, black) and it has won the 2nd place for the Green Product Award in 2013/14. The Kimidori team was so nice to offer one of their 45° stool for a giveaway to one of you, my dear readers. 

What do you have to do to enter the giveaway? Just leave a comment under this blog post and tell me where you will put your Kimidori 45° stool in your home. Specify also the colour that you wish to win and make sure to join in until July 25th, midnight CET. The giveaway is open to all readers from the European Union (sorry for all the others). The winner will be chosen randomly. Good luck everyone!

Photography via Kimidori / (c) Stefan Kühne

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Interior Craving: The New Bolia 2015 Collection

Ok this post has to come with a warning - you will feel the instant need to hop over to the site of bolia.com or run to their next store to shop yourself into oblivion. But be patient: The 2015 collection by Bolia is yet to come and you will have some time to prepare yourself by getting a first and exclusive peek at their brand new collection of furniture and home accessories. I promise you interior delight galore!

When I received their press preview I had a hard time - I felt like I love every single product, every single photo, every styling. So it was hard to break it down to a few pictures for this blog post and eventually I couldn't help it and pick 30 great shots. The new 2015 collection, however, is comprised of more than 250 new pieces created by a team of more than 60 international designers. Bolia is deeply rooted in its Scandinavian heritage but interprets the Nordic vibe with more daring and surprising details. You will find lots of wood, glass, metallic surfaces, marble. But you will also notice colour pops, refined details and sophisticated lines. 

With the new collection Bolia launches a brand new theme, too. The theme 'Live. Love. Create.' serves as a creative platform and sets the tone of what Bolia believes in: A home should be vibrant, original peculiar and fantastic, brimming with life, full of passion, love and dedication. Bolia believes that creativity, bravery and confidence in experimentation is key to that particular way of living. And they are definitely equipping us for this creative way of life!

And the best news is yet to be mentioned: Bolia.com is expanding its online shopping. Up to now it was focused on Scandinavia and Germany (lucky me) but soon Bolia will launch a new English website with online shopping for the entire of Europe! Oh and they are planning a new flagship store in Amsterdam and more stores in Germany. In that sense: Warm up your fingers for some serious online shopping! I have already shortlisted quite a few items! Thank you Bolia!!!

Photography via Bolia.com

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Happy Interior Blog Recommends: Swift Handcrafted Textiles

Discovering small design labels is probably the best part of design blogging. It is always so refreshing and motivating to see young designers realizing new ideas with enthusiasm and vigor. Admittedly, it is not easy to find those cool small design labels in the endless world wide web. But sometimes everything works out and you discover a wonderful textile design label with a few clicks - meet 'Swift Handcrafted Textiles' from Tel Aviv.

This independent design label is run by two textile designers, Michal and Roni, who have focused on the combination of modern design with traditional handcrafting textile techniques such as tie-dye, silkscreen prints, block prints and more. And hand work is a major principle at Swift - which makes their home and fashion products even more desirable. 

When I browsed their Etsy shop I was instantly charmed by the blue shades, the ombré designs, the handmade patterns. Everything I love in fact. Imagine those hand drawn tea towels, the colour soaked cushion covers, the summery tote bag - they seem to be shaped by the sea, washed by the sand and dried by the sun. Or maybe I am just being taken away with summer nostalgia? Whatever the reason, I think these designs deserve a second look of you and probably a little place in your home. 

Happy hump day my friends!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Why This Room Caught My Eye

One thing is for sure: Let Emily Henderson design a space and I will be all drooling in front of my Macbook (sorry for this too visual wording). Same effect occurred when I stumbled over her Fig House Lounge project. Imagine a spacious lounge open to the outdoor space, think of mid-century vibes and colour pops wherever you turn. Think of visual happiness galore! In her blog post she documents the entire design process including a full before and after coverage. In the end I had a hard time picking one photo of this fantastic lounge, but let's give it a try and nail it down to three points that caught my eye:
  • Gallery Wall: Put a gallery wall somewhere and my attention is guaranteed. The vintage style gallery wall in this example is an instant eye-catcher - it adds a personal and artsy vibe to the lounge.
  • Colour Pops: The vibrant colour palette is breathtaking - mints, soft blue, pink, ochre, green - sometimes you have to be brave and stun everyone. But beware: This only works in a large space and with a unifying element or style that ties all colours together.
  • Mid-Century Console: The wooden mid-century console in the back is a fantastic visual anchor in this shot. It perfectly complements the furniture in this lounge and creates an almost intimate, private atmosphere in this lounge.
What do you think of this project by Emily Henderson?

Photography via Emily Henderson

Monday, July 14, 2014

From Place To Space: Lisbon, Portugal

Last week I shared my impressions of the trip to the cork forests of Portugal with you. Before I headed to the cork oak forests, I had spent a sunny day in the beautiful capital of Portugal, in Lisbon. I must say that I love the city's name in Portuguese: Lisboa sounds so mellow, warm and it carries the promise of golden sunsets on the shores of the Tejo river with the melancholic sounds of a Fado song

Lisbon is a beautiful city - to me, it is in line with some of the most beautiful European capitals. It is located on numerous hills overlooking the Tejo river and the close by Atlantic Ocean. Moreover, Lisbon is the warmest European capital with sunshine in abundance. Unlike many other capitals, Lisbon is rather small and great to be explored by foot or on board of one of the so popular and picturesque trams. Alfama, Alcantara, Chiado, Bairro Alto, Baixa - the names of the various Lisbon neighborhoods sound exotic, charming, intriguing and they keep everything they promise!

The pictures I brought back were all taken during one sunny Sunday afternoon. I was walking around the city without any plan or agenda - it was just a little rediscovery of the city as my last trip to Lisbon dated back six years ago. The city has kept its magic - whether I strolled over the magnificent Placa do Comercio, the noble Rossio Square or climbed the narrow streets of the Alfama - Lisbon has a very special soul that I have not experienced in any other European capital.

Sometimes an unplanned city visit ends in the best location. That was the case when I ended up in a wonderful little and charming family-run restaurant called Caso SÉrio. Since I was visiting the city with a bunch of fellow bloggers as part of the cork tour 2014, we ordered numerous tapas with typical Portuguese dishes. Now imagine five people feasting over food and drinks and the final bill is 50 Euros!! Well, welcome to Portugal!

I have not been visiting any specific places apart from the mentioned restaurant, so I can't share any other tips with you here but those pictures taken on-the-go. I can only recommend a trip to Lisbon - go and discover this wonderful city, its hospitable people, its divine architecture with lots of Azulejo tiles, the good food and the fantastic sunsets over the Tejo river. And don't miss a Fado song or two. Lisboa por l'amorar!

Photography by Igor Josifovic
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