Friday, October 24, 2014

Plant Of The Month: Chrysanthemum

Today I am sharing the third and last part of my bilingual mini-series 'Plant of the Month' in collaboration with The plant of the month October is a cheerful indoor and outdoor companion, a perfect matchmaker for lovers of green houseplants and colourful blooms: the Chrysanthemums

When I got my potted Chrysanthemums it made me smile instantly. Those happy little blooms, tightly snuggled together brought a touch of springtime into this autumn month. That is why the Chrysanthemums are so special: they are blooming now in all sorts of colours and bloom sizes. Thus, they are the perfect plant to cheer up the gloomy and colder autumn days. I had to make myself a fresh coffee and enjoy that moment with my new plant.

Even those doubting their so-called 'green thumb' can be completely reassured: Chrysanthemums require a minimum of care. A little bit of water and a sunny, not too hot place are all they want. But as usual I have prepared a little cheat sheet with care tips for Chrysanthemums at your home. Oh, and don't miss the charming and fun little video about the 'Plant of the Month'. And now it's your turn: add some blooming colour to your home too!

Heute möchte ich euch den dritten und letzten Teil meiner zweisprachigen Mini-Serie 'Pflanze des Monats' in Zusammenarbeit mit vorstellen. Die Pflanze des Monats Oktober ist ein froher Indoor und Outdoor Begleiter, eine perfekte Kombination für Grünpflanzen- und Blumenfreunde: die Chrysantheme.

Als die gelb-weiße Topfchrysantheme bei mir Einzug hielt, musst ich im ersten Moment lächeln. Diese kleinen und fröhlichen, eng aneinander gedrängten Blüten wirken wie eine Frühlingsbrise mitten im Herbst. Das macht die Chrysantheme auch so besonders: sie blüht jetzt in einer Vielzahl an Farben und Formen. Somit sind die Chrysanthemen die perfekte Pflanze, um die grauen und trüben Herbsttage ein wenig aufzumuntern. Um den Moment mit meiner neuen Pflanzen voll und ganz zu genießen, musste ich mir auch einen frischen Kaffee aufbrühen - ein perfekter Oktobertag!

Auch all jene, die an ihrem sogenannten "grünen Daumen" zweifeln, können beruhigt werden: Chrysanthemen bedürfen eines Minimums an Pflege. Alles was sie benötigen ist ein wenig Wasser und ein sonniger, nicht zu warmer Standort. Aber ich habe euch wie auch bei den letzten zwei Teilen einen Pflege-Spickzettel für Chrysanthemen vorbereitet. Oh, und verpasst nicht das wundervoll amüsante Video zur 'Pflanze des Monats'. Und jetzt seid ihr an der Reihe: Bringt ein wenig blühende Farbe in eure eigenen vier Wände!

Photography by Igor Josifovic
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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Urban Jungle Bloggers: My Plant Shelfie

Now how smart am I to suggest the topic 'My Plant Shelfie' for the October edition of Urban Jungle Bloggers without really good shelves at home to style up? Well, let's say it was a kind of challenge! My only bookshelves are tucked in a corner of my living room with a minimum of daylight and the are deep and a bit crooked (but I plan to buy a new bookshelf soon) - perfect for a styling, right? Anyway, at Urban Jungle Bloggers it is all about fun with greens and we do not imply any rules, so let's roll it with my plant shelfie!

Adding a plant or two on a shelf is a good idea, no it's an excellent idea! Whether it's a  prickly cactus, fleshy succulents or sculptural hanging plants - play around and see the magic unfold before your eyes. Since my shelf is a bit compact I've decided to dedicate a full shelf only for some decorative items and stuff all books on the other shelf. My current mood is very earthy, balanced, vintage. I chose my paddle plant and a cactus to add the green factor. I paired the plants with some vintage ceramics in earthy tones, a wooden candleholder and a few stones I'd collected during my visit to the volcano Vesuvius in Italy. 

The plant pots match the colour scheme too - the cactus is planted in a vintage terracotta pot and the paddle plant in a brass pot for a dash of bling. I feel that the plants perfectly match the vintage and earthy theme and it absolutely resonates with my current mood. In order to put 'my plant shelfie' into a better light, I have placed it on my sideboard too - the light is better and it is easier to take pictures of it - so please excuse my little trick!

But enough with my plant shelfie, now I am off to discover your plant shelfies as this edition is a special one - we will pick five winners with the best 'plant shelfies' and they will receive a little something from us! Join in if you haven't already - you've got almost an entire month to join the fun (until November 15th). We are looking forward to your plant shelfies!

Urban Jungle Bloggers is a monthly series initiated by 2 bloggers: Igor (Happy Interior Blogand Judith ( Every month we share ideas to create an urban jungle through styling ideas, DIYs and green tips & tricks. You can find additional inspiration on our Urban Jungle Bloggers Pinterest board and keep up-to-date on our website and Facebook page. Want to join? Use #urbanjunglebloggers on Twitter and Instagram. Or let us know and we'll share the badge and upcoming topics with you. Let's bring some green into your homes and blogs!

Photography by Igor Josifovic

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Happy Interior Blog Recommends: Hunting For George

There are many reasons for a trip to Australia: the ocean, the beaches, summer in winter, the easy going lifestyle. And for interior maniacs like myself: 'Hunting For George'. Truth be told, I discovered the Australian online shop only a few days ago, but it was an instant love affair: the products, the styling, the photography - every detail told me that this online shop is curated with love and passion.

'Hunting For George' was established in 2010 by Melbourne based sisters Jo Harris and Lucy-Glade Wright as a platform for both larger, well established brands as well as smaller, up-and-coming labels from Australia and abroad. I am particularly smitten with their range of homeware. Their latest addition is the fabulous Siesta Collection. It's all about taking a break, escaping and letting the designs fill our homes with plenty of good vibes - yes, they truly are Australians! What's not to love?!

Now while I am getting ready for winter here in Munich (my iPhone forecasts a max of 5 degrees Celsius with rain tomorrow) I am clicking through the amazing 'Hunting For George' website and daydream of an escape to sunny and happy Australia. Thanks for all the good vibes, 'Hunting For George'!

Photography via 'Hunting For George'

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Why This Room Caught My Eye

It's times like this when I crave a little interior cocoon to crawl back and unwind. Currently I am in the middle of what feels like a dozen projects simultaneously and all I want in fact is jump through my laptop screen into this interior - a relaxed lounge corner, light flooded, with a jungle vibe. Take me there, please! But why did this room catch my eye in particular? Let's break it down:
  • Dusky Pink Settee: Pink is not my colour normally, but this dusky hue really catches my eye. The relaxed style paired with white wood looks like a very inviting corner to unwind, read a bit, sip a cup of tea and daydream away.
  • Urban Jungle: Bringing the outside inside is a big favorite of mine - this looks like a perfect example of how to bring the wild nature into your home. And I know that plants help us to relax and lower our stress level. Create your own urban jungle!
  • Exposed Brick: I really like the look of an exposed brick wall - it is a wonderful backdrop for a cool, urban loft look. It also makes the softer hues and textures pop out when placed in front of exposed brick.
So, who's ready to have a cup of tea with me in this relaxed corner?

Photography by Leslie Santarina via

Monday, October 20, 2014

From Place To Space: Bloggers Tour Amsterdam

Lately I took you to our magic, coastal inspired bloggers dinner in Amsterdam and to the showroom of Moooi. Today I want to give you another insight into what our group of European design bloggers was up to in Amsterdam. Our 4-days bloggers tour was packed with design, bloggers, good food and lots of fun of course.

We kicked off our bloggers tour at the interior design fair 'Woonbeurs' where we were invited along with other Dutch bloggers by Dutch interiors magazine VT Wonen - we all contributed to their special blogger issue. We had the opportunity to discover the beautifully styled VT Wonen house at the fair and browse the other halls too. No wonder that I was absolutely happy to see lots of greens at the fair - a real Urban Jungle Bloggers playground!

The next day was reserved for the 'Meet the Blogger' conference where we mingled and networked with a huge bunch of international bloggers, listened to a Q&A session with Kinfolk Magazine and gave presentations/workshops. I teamed up with my friend Elena and we spoke about green trends and how to trigger a community - but I will blog about that in more details another time!

Apart from our appointments with local brands and designers, we also had time to roam the city and discover nice restaurants, cafés and sights - mostly we traveled in style with limousines and chauffeurs order through the easy Uber app.

One evening we were invited to dine at the fantastic Bluespoon restaurant in the Andaz Hotel - a real 5-star delight and a hotel design that makes you feel like amidst the bewildering beauty of 'Alice in Wonderland'! And we couldn't skip the compulsory canal tour in Amsterdam - thanks to the great 'I Amsterdam City Card' we had not to worry about getting tickets for the public transport nor the canal tour - it was all inclusive! A real recommendation if you plan a weekend trip to Amsterdam anytime soon!

I hope you enjoyed this little Monday voyage to Amsterdam. Have a great new week and let's see where I'll take you next Monday!

Photography by Igor Josifovic, Uber pic by Susanna Vento

Friday, October 17, 2014

'Feathers' Wallpaper By Mini Moderns & Matt Sewell

One of my favorite British design duos, Mini Moderns, has recently launched a new wallpaper design named 'Feathers' in collaboration with artist Matt Sewell. Inspired by the nature and painterly put with a dreamy watercolour effect, this wallpaper is a real eye-catcher. 

I really like the strong visual impact of this wallpaper design in contrast with the light brush strokes of its watercolour effect. Imagine this wallpaper as a feature wall in a spacious room, imagine it as a wallpaper of an alcove, a reading nook and more. And why not an entire room if you like to go bold!

This playful wallpaper design comes in five colourways: Lido, Mustard, Chalkhill Blue, British Lichen and Coach Emerald. 'Feathers' is the third wallpaper design in the Mini Moderns 'Hinterland' collection which marks a repeated collaboration with the artist Matt Sewell. 

Photography by Mini Moderns

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Styling & Decorating A Small Apartment - Part 1

Size does not matter. Not when it comes to styling a home at least. For the past seven years I have been living in a small rooftop apartment with a mere 32 square meters. Thus I am often asked about how to style and decorate a small apartment. Well, I am not a trained interior designer nor stylist, so my idea of styling a home is a very hands-on approach. Go with the feeling, play around, apply a trial-and-error approach, give it some time and tweak around. A home is never finished - it grows and lives with you.

My overall mantra for styling a small apartment is 'one in - one out'. It is a hard one, but it is the only way to avoid too much clutter. Sometimes I fail my own mantra - for example when it comes to vintage ceramics or cushions (may I be forgiven), but I try to let go of things that I do not love entirely. I want to buy a new chair? Fine, then I need to get rid of another one at home. Am I ready to do that? Question mark! But I think that is the only way I managed to sail in the waters of interior design blogging without ending up with a zillion things in my small apartment (suffocated under a pile of stylish throw cushions if you want so).

When I pick furniture for my apartment, I try to find stylish and functional furniture with lots of storage space - think of beds with storage space underneath, think of chest of drawers (I have all my DVDs and BluRays in those drawers), think of shelves and using your walls for storage and go for stools instead of more chairs. When not in use, pile your books and magazines on them and top it off with a nice houseplant. Easy, right? Extra tip: Use large mirrors to visually expand your home - I have two mirrors opposed to each other and they make the room look wider and brighter. 

Don't be afraid to display what you love - I love my vintage ceramics so I keep them on my sideboard but I change the arrangement and placing from time to time. Keep them grouped together - it makes a stronger impact and keeps your small interior cleaner. 

Of course my life would be much easier if I were a minimalistic all-white kind of guy. But hey, I love my knickknacks too much to let go. But loving home decor does not mean living in chaotic clutter - not even in a small apartment. For the German speaking/reading among you, I blogged about styling a small apartment on Roombeez too. 

Next week I will share the second part of my 'Styling A Small Apartment' story. 

Happy Thursday!

Photography by Igor Josifovic

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