Thursday, July 11, 2013

Saucy Event: Bed Hopping With Auping

Sometimes blogger events can have a saucy touch. Ok, I admit, only when I attend and interpret them that way. Two weeks ago I was invited to Hamburg with a few other fellow blogger friends to attend a little event for Auping, a Dutch bed manufacturer know for its excellent box springs beds. Well, I've been sleeping for six years now in my rather 'normal' bed so I was very curious to test the acclaimed bed live - and thus the event turned from decent to saucy with my bed hopping action:-)

We were welcomed in the Hamburg based flagship store Auping Plaza in the cool Stilwerk department store in the harbour area by a super cool PR gang and Auping rep including a smart bartender with tangy cocktails and yummy tidbits. Business before pleasure was the order so we started with an informative intro to the company's background and a detailed insight into its products that include beds such as the Essential (I blogged about it HERE), the Royal, the Tozza or my favorite the Dublin (I tried this intensively and it is AMAZING - actually I really want this when I move into a new home). We also got a surgeon look into the inside of a box spring mattress and it is crazy - it's like an entire little spring world down there! Apart from beds they also offer super soft duvets, cushions and cheerful bedlinen - support me with my little Pinterest contest by liking some of my pins HERE and if I win I will get some of the happy bedlinen for you to giveaway!

So after the 'business' part was over I ventured on a bed hopping experience to see whether the Auping beds can cope with a flying, happy blogger. Let me tell you: Yes they can! Here are a few little proofs. Buckle up and fly with me:-)

The blogger event was rounded up by a scrumptious lunch with typical Hamburg dishes and a fun 'design your bed' session including watercolours - I felt like a school kid again! Thanks to Auping for a fun and cool event. May I soon sleep in one of your super soft beds. Amen!

Photography by Igor Josifovic except my 'flying' photo courtesy of Auping


  1. Γελασα πολυ με τις τουμπες και τις βουτιες σου
    στα videos!

  2. At last !!!! my curiosity has been satisfied :))))))))))))
    last video makes me laugh this bed were very good springs !!!! greetings

  3. Igor, wenn Bedhopping olympische Disziplin wird, dann bekommst du garantiert die Goldmedaille! Großartig - vor allem das letzte Video!
    Liebste Grüße aus HH - Susanne

  4. Ha ha - you are the sweetest - love the pic where you jump ;-)
    Bed hopping is the way ahead - Happy day my friend,

  5. haha. super videos.
    wir hatten vor einiger zeit eine ähnliche begegnung mit fennobed (auping gibbet hier nisch) und wir waren auch hin und weg. leider WAY OUTTA budget. but we loved them anyway... und sind n bissi traurig!

  6. So fun Igor! I really hope we can meet someday and laugh are a riot. ;)

    1. I hope so too, Susan! Maybe a Paris meet-up!!!

  7. Auping beds are really the best! My parents swore by Auping so I have always had an Auping until I was 27. Unfortunately I don't have one now, but I'm thinking about getting one again. The only thing stopping me is that when I can choose between a luxurious holiday or a new expensive bed I always go for the holiday. Instant gratification....instead of long term. Shame on me. You're a seasoned tester it looks, so I might consult you when I finally make the wise decision :-)

  8. Wow! Love the pictures and vid's. Auping beds should always be coverd with thick colourful posh blankets. That's half of the experience the of a good night sleep which Auping provides.

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