Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Why This Room Caught My Eye

Tuesday evening and I am all into interior dreaming - as usual. Today I got caught up by a super cosy and lovely living room design. I will not stress out the grey colour scheme here as you will roll your eyes and say 'what's up with Igor and his grey obsession recently' - well, blame it on my grey walls. Blame it on my grey walls. Ah just blame me! However, there are three other interior design and styling facts that caught my eye in this lovely room:

  • Personal Display: Nothing adds more character and personality than a selection of personal favorites displayed on a shelf in the living room. Here, the owner has displayed her favorite books, décor objects, the famous Kay Bojesen monkey. I love to interpret the owner's character by such a personal display of objects.
  • Mixed Patterns: The playful mix of patterns, especially showcased with the cushions in this living room, is an instant eye-catcher. Big dots, tiny polka dots, zigzag lines - all please the eye because they remain in the same colour scheme and thus do not create a visual overload but rather visual interest.
  • Retro Chic: I like how the owner managed to combine a retro vibe with modern elements. The round coffee table seems to be from some past decades while the sofa and the black shelf exemplify a modern style. However, to me the coffee table is so present that I have the overall feeling of 'retro chic' in this room.
Does this room catch your eye? And if so, what exactly?

Photography via Ellens Album


  1. Hello you!
    This room catches my eye because of the monkey and the sausage dog. I love the use of animals in decoration. Have a great evening!

    1. An interesting fact, Elodie! I didn't know you are drawn to animal figurines as decor objects. Must remember that! Have a great evening, too & bises à Ella!

  2. Just lovely......Stylish, cosy and filled with treasured possessions. Particularly like Kay Bojesen's Monkey and Dog.

  3. Love the Bojesen monkey - he is fab. I like the shelves behind the sofa and the patterned cushion. Hope you are well my lovely friend, Ax

  4. Lovely! I love the dog in the background. :-D

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